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Vynil Fence Cleaning

One of the great advantages of vynil fences is how easy they are to clean and maintain
Frank Duran
June 29, 2024
dirty vinyl fence

Vinyl fences are primarily made from PVC, Polyvinyl Chloride, which is a strong thermoplastic material. This has many advantages. It makes the material highly resistant to weather, sun, and organic corrosion.

An installed fence will lose its luster over time. Dust, dirt and fungal or plant algae will start to stick to your fence over this is natural as it wind and rain will cause spread organic material that will come in contact with your fence and accumulate over time.

The great news is that Vinyl fences are incredible easy to clean. It's quite easy to bring back that fresh look. You can quickly clean them with a hose and rag. To perform a quick and effective clean, a pressure washer is your best friend. It can quickly remove most debris from the fence with minimal manual work. Not only does this keep your fence looking great, it helps avoid corrosion and extends its usable life.

vynil cleaning